Crystal Brain Fungus

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Non Edible Mushrooms, Pacific Northwest

Crystal Brain Fungus, Non Edible Mushrooms, Pacific Northwest
Crystal Brain Fungi, Photo By Robert Logan

Crystal Brain Fungus, (myxarium nucleatum) is a translucent, white, jelly fungus that grows on hardwoods but can sometimes be found in large blobs on the ground that take on a brain like appearance.

The fruiting bodies are white and gelatinous. It is a common fungi, typically growing as irregular masses on decaying deciduous wood. It can occur in extensive patches though, like the one in the photo.When they get big, they take on the brain-like shape.

crystal brain fungi
Crystal Brain Fungi, Photo By Bud Logan

Myxarium Nucleatum typically fruits in autumn and winter. It is widely distributed in North America, you will find it on all parts of the BC coastal region. I find it a fascinating fungus. There are many amazing kinds of fungi that grow on our coast.

Although this fungus is of the jelly type and most likely edible, l would not even consider eating this fungus.

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