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Mycena Filopes Mushroom

Mycena Filopes Mushroom, Vancouver Island, BC
Mycena Filopes Mushroom, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

The Mycena Filopes Mushroom can be found growing in all parts of the Pacific Northwest, as well as in most parts of North America, look for it on the forest floor growing among the leaf matter.

This mushroom has an abnormally long stem along with a hoary whitish gray to tan colored cap and an odor of iodine.

The cap is up to 2.5 cm across, quite conical or bell-shaped and when it’s immature it can be quite hoary. The gills are attached to the stem. The stem is up to 14 cm long and up to 3 mm thick. It is a very fragile stem. The spore print is white. This is a pretty little mushroom.

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