Slime Molds

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Badhamia Utricularia

Badhamia Utricularia, Vancouver Island, BCBadhamia utricularis is a species of slime mold in the family Physaraceae. As you walk around in our island forests, and if you look, you might see just the fruiting bodies hanging on the underside of deadwood of this slime mold. My son Robert was walking along the estuary shore of the Salmon River and found up under the bank, hanging from roots a good example of Badhamia Utricularis right at the beginning of fruiting. Read More….



Leocarpus Fragilis

leocarpus-Fragilis, Vancouver Island, BCLeocarpus Fragilis is a slime mold.  Slime molds were known as a fungi species historically, but they now have been moved to the class Myxomycetes. Leocarpus Fragilis is found worldwide and typically inhabits dark, moist forest settings, growing on decaying leaves, branches and logs. Read More….



Mucilago Crustacea

Mucilago Crustacea, Vancouver Island, BC

White Slime molds are members of the Kingdom Protista so they are not classed as animals, plants or fungi. They are primitive single-celled organisms that reproduce by spores. They are capable of limited movement and they feed on bacteria in the ground, they are beneficial for plants, they consume harmful bacteria and pathogens. Read More….



Scrambled Egg Slime Mold

Scrambled Egg Slime Mold, Vancouver Island, BCScrambled Egg Slime Mold has traits similar to both fungus and animals. Their life cycles can be very strange as they go through different stages. When times are good, they live independently, but if conditions change and the food supply disappears or conditions get too hot or dry or any other big change, the individual cells will begin to gather together to form a single structure. The individual cells will send out a chemical signal directing all of them to gather together. Read More….



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