Big Trees

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Big Trees, Pacific Northwest

Admiral Broeren Cypress Tree, BC Coastal Region, Big Trees
Admiral Broeren Cypress Tree, Photo By Bud Logan

There are so many Big Trees still standing in the Pacific Northwest, many of them are the biggest of their kind. There are many folks who over the years have stood up to logging companies and governments when they tried to log these beauties, they still fight for them everyday, although as the years go by, there are less and less of them to protect. The logging companies and governments seem to be of one mind when it comes to logging these wonders of the forest, big bucks talk. The logging companies are once again clamoring to the BC government about letting them log the Carmanah/walbran watersheds on Vancouver Island, if we are not careful, we might not have any old trees left.

We need to save as many of these Big Trees as we can, we need to protect at least one complete watershed that is untouched by logging so future generations can study how trees grow and interact with all the other members of the forest. There is so much we have yet to learn, stuff that can only be learned by studying these old growth forests.

There is also a tourism component to these forests, people will travel from around the world just to get a chance to walk amongst these giants. As more and more come to visit coastal BC for this purpose, the people here will benefit financially while at the same time preserve these forests.

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