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Admiral Broeren Cypress Tree

Admiral Broeren Cypress Tree, Big Trees, Pacific Northwest
Admiral Broeren Cypress Tree, Photo By Bud Logan

In the Sayward Valley area, way up high above Cooper Creek, in the Salmon River watershed, at the end of a long rough road, you will reach the Admiral Broeren Rec Site and the home of Vancouver Islands’ biggest Yellow Cedar. The area has many large trees with some almost as big as the Admiral. Admiral Broeren is about 11 meters in circumference and about 50 meters high.

We journeyed to see the Admiral Broeren Cypress Tree in the fall of 2012, and we had a young man from Holland with us. At seeing the Admiral, he was heard to say “Wow” and you know, that just about says it all. When you first see this tree, it really does take your breath away, and when you think of how old it is, it boggles the mind.

The island has many of the world’s biggest trees and this is one of my favorites. There are many more big trees in the Sayward Valley area. The rec site only has a parking area at the trailhead and an outhouse, I suppose you could camp here as there is room, but there are no picnic tables, fire pits, or campsites.

To reach this rec site, turn onto the big tree creek mainline just south of the big tree creek bridge on highway 19 about 10 clicks south of Sayward, (if you are going south towards Campbell river, you would turn right) drive down this road until you reach the Jordon junction, turn onto the cooper creek mainline and drive until you see the north main, turn left here and drive till you see the n 1800 spur, turn right and follow until you reach the Admiral Broeren Rec Site.

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