Black Cottonwood Trees

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Deciduous Trees, Pacific Northwest

Black Cottonwood Trees, Deciduous Trees, Trees, Pacific Northwest
Black Cottonwood Trees, Photo By Bud Logan

Black cottonwood is the largest hardwood tree in western North America. It usually grows on moist sites on the west side of the Rockies. The most productive sites are the bottom lands of major streams and rivers along the pacific northwest coast and all of Vancouver Island.

Black cottonwood is used for lumber, veneer, fiber products and toilet paper. Many kinds of wildlife use the foliage, twigs, and buds for food. The black cottonwood can be found from Kodiak Island, Alaska and British Columbia including all of Vancouver Island and down to Washington and Oregon.

Populations of black cottonwood grow in the coastal forests of the pacific northwest. I have seen these trees grow to tremendous sizes when the conditions are just right. Black cottonwood grows on a variety areas, from river banks to sandy soils and humus soils and clay soils of upland sites. The highest populations can be found in the lowlands of the Pacific North west, along the shores of river valleys.

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