Broadleaf Maple Trees

Found along the western coast of British Columbia and on all of Vancouver Island, the broadleaf maple trees grow along with other trees such as douglas fir, western hemlock, red alder, black cottonwood, and western red cedar.

It is the largest and fastest-growing maple in western Canada. It grows up to 30 m in height. These trees can live to be 250 years old.

Broad Leaf Maple Trees, Deciduous Trees, Trees, Pacific Northwest
Broadleaf Maple Tree, Photo By Bud Logan

Clusters of flowers are arranged along a single, hairy, up to 15 cm long stem. The flowers appear before the leaves are fully formed. They are small, up to 10 mm across, and fragrant. The very large leaves are shiny and dark green in color. In the autumn, the leaves turn bright orange or yellow color.

The seed case of this maple is covered with fine hair. Clusters of these little seed cases hang from the tree until early autumn when they reach maturity. The wings spread apart at a slight angle and are up to 40 mm in length. When they fall from the tree, they twirl like a helicopter and can land a long way from the tree.

The bark holds moisture well, and it is not unusual for the trunk of a mature broadleaf maple to become home to a community of mosses, ferns, and other plants along with insects, birds, and small animals.

Broad Leaf Maple Tree Leaf, Photo By Robert Logan
Broad Leaf Maple Tree Leaf, Photo By Robert Logan

This tree is important to British Columbia as the supply of hardwood is limited on the west coast. Wood is used in the production of musical instruments, furniture, paneling. It is light brown and moderately hard. They can be very majestic. They Are Very Beautiful To See.

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