Pacific Rhododendron Trees

Pacific Rhododendron, Deciduous Trees, Trees, Pacific Northwest
Pacific Rhododendron, Photo By Bud Logan

The pacific rhododendron is a small perennial shrub. This shrub is native to the pacific northwest. This plant has dark green foliage and inconspicuous purple flowers, with an abundance of small black seeds.

The greatest bloom is usually observed in the spring, with fruit and seed production starting in the summer and continuing until fall. Leaves are retained year to year. It has a moderate life span relative to most other plant species and a moderate growth rate. At maturity, it will reach around 3 to 4 m in height.

On Vancouver Island, it is very rare with only a couple of areas where they grow, I am only familiar with the Parksville site at rhododendron Lake. There is one plant growing at antler lake also.

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