Western Dogwood Trees

Western Dogwood Trees, Deciduous Trees, Trees, Pacific Northwest
Western Dogwood Trees, Photo By Bud Logan

The western dogwood is a small tree. This tree is native to the pacific northwest. The western dogwood has green leaves and beautiful white flowers. The greatest bloom is usually observed in the summer, with fruit and seed being produced in the early summer. Leaves are not retained year to year.

The western dogwood has a long life span relative to most other plant species and a moderate growth rate. At maturity, the typical western dogwood will reach up to 12 m high, with a maximum height of 15 m. The western dogwood grows all over Vancouver Island and grows best in the acidic soil conditions of a coniferous forest setting.

There is nothing like walking in a forest of mixed conifers and finding dogwoods blooming all around you. The flowers are so beautiful. They do not do well on manicured lawns where there is little acidity left in the soil.

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