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Pye Lake

Pye lake is in the Sayward forest area on Vancouver Island and has some great camping and fishing. There are rainbow and cutthroat trout here and some very big dolly Varden char that can reach 1.5 kg. These fish can put up quite a fight. Best fishing starts about an hour before dark, the night bite. The lake is 80 meters deep in the middle, and it has a good afternoon bite when you are trolling deep here, fly-fishing early morning in the shallow places is another good fishing opportunity. The cutthroats like a dry fly and will rise to them regularly.

This lake has four recreational sites, pye bay rec site, pye beach rec site, pye point rec site, and pye lake rec site, and each has its own boat launch for your use.

Pye lake is a very deep lake surrounded by a vast forest and lots of wildlife, the camping is great, and the fishing is wonderful. You have a good chance of seeing bears, wolves, cougars, elk, deer, or one of our smaller forests creatures like raccoons, pine martins, and squirrels. There are many types of birds here and the dragonflies on the shore of the lake are incredible to watch as they fly about catching other flying insects.

Pye Lake, Vancouver Island
Pye Lake, Vancouver Island, Photo By Bud Logan

The rec sites are small but well maintained and there are pit toilets and picnic tables for you to use. This is always a busy lake for camping so get here early to ensure you get a spot. If you are boating, then finding a spot to camp is much easier as there are many little bays and sheltered shores to pitch a camp. This is an easy access lake with good facilities, good fishing and lots of wildlife.

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