Sherwood Falls

Sherwood Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Sherwood Falls, Vancouver Island, BC

Sherwood Falls can be reached off the Hole In The Wall falls trail in Port Alberni. There is a great little trail on the way into port that takes you down to the falls. As you are coming into town, you will see the Coombs Country Candy Store, right beside the store is a gravel parking lot where you can leave your car. Park here and go across the highway, but please be careful as cars come around both corners quite quick. Once on the other side, go up the hill about 50 meters, and you will see a trail heading down from the road.

As you go along you will see painted arrow direction signs, follow, and they will take you to the hole in the wall. Just before you reach the last hill down to the Hole In The Wall Falls, you will see an old road the runs to the right, follow, and you will shortly come to Sherwood Falls.  You can reach these falls from the Rogers Creek Trail.

Rogers Creek, Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, BC
Rogers Creek, Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

Port Alberni’s economy has traditionally run on fishing and logging, but today it is tourism, it is located at the head of Vancouver Island’s longest inlet, it is the gateway to the central west coast of Vancouver Island including the Pacific Rim National Park, Barkley Sound, and Clayoquot Sound, it’s a great place to stay and head out on day-trips. It is surrounded by pristine wilderness, huge first-growth forests, and wild rivers, the forests are filled with wildlife and giant trees, the rivers, lakes, and the sea is filled with fish and the birdlife is incredible. And of course, there is Sherwood Falls on the Rogers Creek Trail.

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