Shingled Hedgehog Mushroom

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Sarcodon imbricatus, commonly known as the shingled, bitter, hawkwing or scaly hedgehog, is a tooth fungus in the order Thelephorales. They call this mushroom edible but as the name implies, it’s quite bitter to the taste.  Look for a mushroom that has a large, dark cap with brown scales. This mushroom can reach up to 30cm wide. Look beneath to see the teeth, on this mushroom thay have a grayish color.

Look for them throughout the summer months and right up to the end of October. They are a ground growing mushroom and can be found in conifer forests that have a mixture of deciduous trees. They are common right across North America and you can find them on Vancouver Island.

The shingled hedgehog mushroom can have a chocolate smell with a hint of smokiness. It looks like a hawk’s wing and is quite beautiful to observe. It’s always a pleasure to see these large wonders of the forests as we are out hiking.


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