The Adventure

Vancouver Island Trail, 2020 Documentary Adventure.

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My son Robert and I will be hiking the Vancouver Island Trail in 2020 from July 1st up until we finish sometime in late August, early September, the main goal of this adventure is to create a documentary about the trail.

We are looking for sponsors to help with funding, both in monetary support and equipment.

We will be specifically be looking for weekly sponsors of re-supply foods. We will be getting supplies dropped off on a weekly basis. To support us in this requires a $500.00 donation. We need 8 to 10 of these sponsors. A donation at this level will see your name/company represented in the documentary credits and on all advertising for the adventure.

We will all so be looking for a sponsor of lightweight gear, packsack’s, tent, sleeping bags and various other gear needed to keep our weight down.

In addition to this, we will be looking for the donation or loan of a good camera,  a Canon EOS 80D would be our dream camera for the adventure but at the very least, it should a Canon  EOS Rebel, T71 W/18.

The suppliers of gear and camera will be listed at the top of our sponsor’s list as major sponsors of the adventure. We will also place these sponsors in the opening credits of the documentary. You will be able to use our documentary in the form of advertising for your companies.

If you cannot sponsor our adventure at these levels, you will still be able to make a small donation of any size to help us out. All donations will be greatly appreciated.

The Trail, it is 874 km long and will require at least 8 weeks to complete.

Contact us at [email protected] for further information.

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