Devils Bath

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Caves, Pacific Northwest

Devils Bath, Caves, Pacific Northwest
Devils Bath, Photo By Bud Logan

The Devils Bath is Canada’s only cenote, a cenote is a sink-hole surrounded by rock bluffs and is filled with groundwater. It is connected to the Benson River Cave system via an underwater cave. It is located in the Quatsino limestone karst system, which contains many karst formations and cave systems.

When you visit the cenote, you can also see the Eternal Fountain and the Disappearing River, both are located close to the Devils Bath.

There is quite a cave system here, after entering the cave, you will discover mud, lots of mud but there is also an under ground lake here that if you bring in an inflatable, you can explore by boat, very cool.

This cave is not for the faint of heart, some of the cave chambers require a short trip under water to reach, so if you plan on visiting here, please make sure you have someone who knows their way around and come prepared.

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