Disappearing River

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Caves, Pacific Northwest

Disappearing River, Caves, Pacific Northwest
Disappearing River, Photo By Bud Logan

The Disappearing River and the Reappearing River is a part of the Benson River that flows underground for about 2 km before reappearing again.

The trail into this site is not marked, there has been a washout on the trail route and its suggested that you pass this spot by. But if you are adventurous, you can locate the trail, hike in on the short distance that takes you to this incredible place, you will see a river roaring down a canyon and then dropping into a deep hole and disappearing into the mountain, only to reappear some 2 km away. Quite a sight to see.

There is not much to go on in giving instructions on how to find this cave, we were lucky to spot the unmarked trailhead on our first drive by, the trail was muddy and had suffered a washout, making the short hike in a bit risky, but the end result was seeing this incredible hole in the rock that can swallow a whole river only to spew it out again 2 km away. I was quite impressed by it all.

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