Coastal BC Communities

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Coastal BC Communities, Pacific Northwest

Powell River, Coastal Communities, Pacific Northwest
Powell River, Photo By Bud Logan

There are many Coastal BC Communities located on the south, central and northern coastal sections of Coastal BC, Some of these are small villages while others are cities with all the amenities that can found within large centers. They are all located in one of the most beautiful rain forests in the world.

Prince Rupert, Powell River and Squamish are a few of the more larger centers, these are cities that come with all the big city life styles and then you will find the villages like Bella Coola, Bella Bella, Shearwater, Terrace and so many more. Some of these smaller villages only have a few folks left but they all come with such exciting histories.

Bella Bella, Coastal Communities, Pacific Northwest
Bella Bella, Photo By Robert Logan

Some of these towns and villages have become ghost towns, although they at one time were filled with people, places like Ocean Falls, Blunden Harbor and many others. These places are great to explore and are filled with stories that can still be seen by using some imagination.

My work as a logger and then as forestry contractor during my younger years, allowed me to travel to many of these communities and to spend some time to get to know the folks who lived there and to hear first hand, their stories of life on the coast. The tales they told were of a life filled with epic adventures of time spent in the logging camps and maybe they were embellished with some half truths but they still told the tales of people who were a different breed, tough individuals who carved out homes in the wilderness.

So come on and take a journey with me as we travel back to these places to find out how things are today and to hear the stories of the days of old and tales of the men who logged, fished and farmed along our coast.

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