Saanichton, Vancouver Island

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Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest

Saanichton, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Saanichton, Photo By Bud Logan

Saanichton is located on the Saanich Peninsula, on the south east side of Vancouver Island. Saanichton is a place of rose gardens and farms, forests and estates. Its a very beautiful place. Saanichton is a small, well maintained community where rural and urban lifestyles come together. Saanichton is just a 20 km drive north of downtown Victoria.

The Island View Beach Regional Park is located in Saanichton. Follow Island View Road east from Hwy 17 a short distance to this beautiful driftwood-strewn beach. There are wonderful views of the off shore islands and of mount baker, you could see whales, seals, otters, sea lions and many types of sea birds from the beach. You could also see deer, raccoons and many song birds in the fields behind the beach and look in the trees above to see eagles, hawks and owls. The whole beach is public and you can access it from the parks main entrance, please note that the beach area north of the park fronting Indian reserve land is often used for nude sunbathing. The beach leads right to the tip of Cordova Point. There is a boat ramp at the entrance to the park. Kayaking is very popular here.

Saanichton, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Saanichton, Photo By Bud Logan

The John Dean Provincial Park is very pretty and has many picnic tables spread out among the trees. There is a small stand of old growth Douglas fir here, this is a good place to relax. After your picnic, you can hike in the park. When you hike the trails in John Dean Provincial Park, you are on some of oldest trails in the provincial park system. There are wonderful hiking trails here that go through some awesome old growth forests. At the center of the park are some the largest Douglas fir trees on the south coast of Vancouver Island, as well as grand fir, western red cedar, Garry oak, and arbutus trees mixed in. Hike here in spring to see a beautiful mix of wildflowers, including patches of blue camas lilies, which carpet the forest under storey, as well as Indian paintbrush and orange tiger lily’s. You can see ravens, red-tailed hawks, bald eagles, and turkey vultures in the sky above the park.

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