Victoria, Vancouver Island

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Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest

Victoria, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Victoria, Photo By Bud Logan

Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria BC is one of the older cities in the Pacific Northwest and is the capital of B.C., Canada. World renowned for its gardens, Victoria is often referred to as the garden city, a city of gardens, ocean vistas and mild year round West Coast climate.

Victoria and its surrounding communities are a mix of city scapes, towns and farmland, set amid world famous landmarks, historical attractions and an abundance of natural settings filled with wildlife and birds. The many shops, little boutiques and hidden alleyway shops are fun to explore, especially in Victoria’s Chinatown which is the second oldest in North America.

Victoria, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Victoria, Photo By Bud Logan

The City was founded by the Hudson’s Bay Company on March 14, 1843, as a trading post and fort at the location the First Nations called Camosack, which means Rush of Water. The Hudson’s Bay Company moved its fort from Vancouver on the mainland to the southern end of Vancouver Island, to ensure that Vancouver Island remained in Canadian Hands. The Oregon treaty was just being drawn up and the states had said that they wanted Vancouver Island. For a short time, the fort was known as Fort Albert, but by resolution passed by the Vancouver Island Council of the Northern Department of the Company meeting at Fort Garry on June 10, 1843, it was officially named Fort Victoria, in honor of the British Queen.

Settlers were coming to Vancouver Island in waves, and Victoria grew rapidly. When the colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia joined together, the City became the colonial capital and was established as the provincial capital when B. C. joined the Canadian Confederation in 1871. Vancouver Island had much to attract settlers, good soil, warm climate and so much beauty.

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