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Bamfield is located at the southern entrance to Barkley Sound. The community of Bamfield was named after a carpenter, Eddy Banfield who moved to the area in the late 1850s and took up trading with the first peoples. In 1860, Banfield established a permanent trading post at the entrance to Barkley Sound, which came to be named after him.  Read More….



Black Creek

The Black Creek area was at one time, full of very large trees and logging went full steam until around 1930, then the area was opened up to German-speaking Immigrants who came from the USSR through Mexico and also from the Canadian prairies. They worked very hard to create garden farms, dairy farms, and fruit orchards. This is still quite evident and as you drive through the area.  Read More….




Bowser, Vancouver Island was named after William John Bowser, John was the premier of British Columbia from 1915 to 1916. The community was established in 1914, during the construction of the  Nanaimo Railway. The economy of this little community has run on logging and mining for many years but it is becoming a tourist destination these days. There are many opportunities to get out into the areas wild places and find great adventures. Read More….



Brentwood Bay

Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island is located in Saanich Inlet north of Victoria, it is home to the beautiful Butchart Gardens. You will find excellent restaurants, waterfront shops and fantastic boutiques here in the bay. There are many whale watching tour outfits that run out of Brentwood Bay, there are so many whales, orcas, grey, humpback and fin whales that you will likely see some.   Read More….



Campbell River

For many, many years the Coast Salish lived on the shores of the Campbell River, Vancouver Island area, then for some reason, in the early Campbell River 1800s, they left their villages here and moved to the Comox and Qualicum areas. Then the Kwakiutl First Nations from further north on the Island moved south and occupied the vacated lands left by the Salish. In the early 1880s, the first European settlers started to set up shop in the Campbell River area.  Read More….




Chemainus is a small, but quite a beautiful town located in the Cowichan Valley. It is an artist mecca, you can see this by the huge murals that are painted everywhere in the town. The town has been nicknamed “Mural town” and is known worldwide for these paintings that bring to life the history of the first peoples, as well as the early days of logging, mining, and fishing. Read More….



Coal Harbour

The Coal Harbor Village is located on the Holberg Inlet, just a short drive on a paved road from Port Hardy. It was a coal-mining town, then a military base during the second world war, a whaling station, then back to mining, only this time copper, now this community is a jumping-off point for Quatsino sound and all the wonders of the North Island. Tourism is driving the economy now. Read More….




Comox is a beautiful little community of around 13,000 people. It is located on the Comox Peninsula on the eastern shores of Vancouver Island. Abundant food sources, mild winters, protected shorelines, fertile soil, and warm summers drew the Comox first people here many thousands of years ago. Settlers first began arriving in 1862. First to arrive were the loggers, soon followed by farmers and fishermen. Read More….




During the early part of the twentieth century, nearly a quarter of a million English and Welsh families immigrated to Canada. A few of these families settled in the Coombs area around 1910y. The community they built was named Coombs. Today, it is full of people who live a more laid back way of life that can only be provided in a place like Coombs. It is an artist mecca with more galleries, studios and artists per capita than anywhere else in BC. Read More….




Courtenay is located on the eastern shores central Vancouver Island. Built on land that was occupied by the Comox people for thousands of years. It has a population of around 25000. It is the center of the much bigger Comox Valley. Comox Valley incorporates Courtenay, Comox, and Cumberland, combined, they have a population of more than 65,000. Courtenay is full of small shops, great dining and wonderful parks and walking trails. Read More….



Cowichan Bay

The Cowichan Bay Village is located on the east coast of southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This has to be one of the prettiest villages on the east coast of the island. The shops and B & B’s that line the shore are just so wonderful. You must make a visit to Cowichan bay a must-do on your bucket list. The businesses that line the waterfront are such beautiful little shops, restaurants, b&b’s, kayak rental shops, gift stores, and ice-cream parlors, it’s such a great place to visit. Read More….




In  1902, Henry Croft began mining copper on mount sicker, he built a smelter in the bay and brought in 400 workers to operate the smelter. He built housing and named the new community Crofton. He was shipping his copper our out from the bay, this had quite the effect on the area’s beaches, the residue from the smelter was small black glass beads and they blackened the beaches, if you used the beach, these glass beads would stick to your feet, hands and any other body part that came into contact with the beach. Read More….


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