Alert Bay

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Coastal BC Communities, Pacific Northwest

Alert Bay, Pacific Northwest
Alert Bay, Photo By Bud Logan

Alert Bay is on the sheltered south side of Cormorant Island, just off shore from Port McNeil along the shores of Vancouver Island’s Inside Passage. This area is known for its bird watching, whale watching, and hiking opportunities.

Their is about 1300 people here on this tiny Island. The Bay is a quaint little place filled with locally owned shops and restaurants where you can buy local art or dine on some pretty awesome food.

Come stay for a few days at one of the islands great little b&b establishments and hike around the island. There are motels, inns, lodges cabins and hotels for visitors to stay in.

Alert Bay Bighouse, Alert Bay, Pacific Northwest
Alert Bay Bighouse, Photo By Sue Poulsen

Drop into the Visitor Center, its just a short walk along the boardwalk from the ferry dock. They will provide you with information brochures. Ask for the Visitor’s Information package, an essential guide to the island. The Visitor Center is open weekdays year round and on weekends during the summer months.

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