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The Ditidaht village is right on Nitinat lake, services in Ditidaht include a small motel, gas station, campsite, and a food store, all are run by the Ditidaht peoples. Camping facilities are available at the lake recreation site that is situated in a grove of giant spruce trees, there 53 campsites here. Drive through the village to reach this site. There is a boat launch about halfway down the lake, close to Doobah creek where you can put in to shorten the run down the lake. Read More….




The city of Duncan is named after William Duncan, a pioneer who moved from Ontario to BC in May 1862. He arrived in the Cowichan Bay area along with about a hundred other settlers that were looking to settle on Vancouver Island. He settled close to the present city location and built a little farm, it became a stop on the Island Railway and was known as Duncan’s stop. Read More….



Gold River

When the Gold River Village was built in 1965, it was the first all-electric town in Canada and the first in Canada to incorporate underground wiring. It was incorporated on August 26, 1965, and received village status on January 1, 1972. Gold River is one of the Jewels of Vancouver Island, a must-see area. When you visit, I can honestly say, you will not be disappointed. Read More….




Today, Holberg is a great place to set out on a west coast adventure. There numerous trails that head out in many directions, trails to Shushartie bay, San Josef Bay and Cape Scott will give you more than you could ever ask for. Ocean kayaking and canoeing are becoming quite popular and the area is perfect for this. The potential for eco-tourism in this area is immense and is just beginning but you just wait, this place will become a mecca when it gets. Read More….



Jordan River

The tiny Jordan River Village is located on the West Coast of southern Vancouver Island. Jordan River lies about 40 km north of Sooke. It is a great place to surf, surfing on Vancouver Island is a cold, wild and rough sport, sometimes the winds can be over 120 km an hour with some mighty waves. The water temperatures can be so low that hypothermia can set in very fast, just minutes and poor access to the best surfing beaches make surfing here a challenge for sure. Read More….



Kelsey Bay

When l was a lad of about 10 years old, l used to spend a fair bit of time up in Kelsey Bay, my brother in law was the head chef in the mac/blo logging camp that was right on the bay. This was a big camp, the cook shack was like a hotel. The food was better than any hotel though. Several of my other brothers logged here as well. I began my logging career across the straight on Hardwick Island. Read More….




Ladysmith is located on the east side of Vancouver Island, right on the 49th parallel, just south of Nanaimo. It is a small but very picturesque town that is built on a hillside overlooking the waters of Ladysmith harbor. It is one of the older communities on Vancouver Island. In its early days, it was known as Oyster Harbor. The harbor was at one time just a miners camp and shipping port for coal, now its economy runs on tourism. Read More….



Lake Cowichan

Lake Cowichan is located 31 km west of Duncan at the headwaters of the Cowichan River. Cowichan Lake is one of the largest bodies of freshwater on Vancouver Island. It is an incredibly beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. The hiking trails around town and around the lake are plentiful and there are trails for all levels of ability, the birdlife will make any birder happy and you could see black bears, elk, deer, cougars, wolves and many other kinds of wildlife. Read More….




Lantzville is such a pleasant little community, its located just north of Nanaimo. It was named after Harry Lantz. In the late 1800s, he invested heavily in mining here. Before the mines were opened, there was not much going on in the area. There were just 8 families homesteading along the shores. When the mines began operating, there was quite an influx of miners and new settlers, businesses began to spring up to provide services for the mines and to offer trade goods to the miners. Read More….



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