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Parks, Pacific Northwest

Schoen Lake, Pacific Northwest Parks
Schoen Lake Park, Photo By Bud Logan

Whether you like to back pack into wilderness areas, pack your trunk and camp at our provincial campsites or load up your camper and head out into the woods, you’ll discover an outdoor wonderland filled with pristine lakes, rugged mountainous and rugged trails.

No matter where you travel on the BC coast, you will always be close to a provincial park.

From the incredible rugged beauty of Cape Scott on the north Vancouver Island to the Haida Gwaii’s South Moresby National Park, from the parks located along the Skeena River to the southern islands around Victoria, there will be a park ready for you to camp in. The Carmanah Walbran park protects old growth rain forests and in the south, the sunny Gulf Islands cradle dozens of Marine Parks.

Strathcona Park, Pacific Northwest Parks
Strathcona Park, Photo By Bud Logan

Vancouver Island has 150 government designated parks. Some, like Strathcona Provincial Park, are the most incredible parks on Vancouver Island or hikers can hike the most scenic trail on earth (The West Coast Trail), all in all the Island has many parks.

The whole BC coastal Region has many parks, protected areas, ecological reserves and conservancy areas. It is a wind swept land of water falls, rivers, mountains and ocean vistas that rival any place on the planet.

I grew up on this coast and still am able to find parks that not only have l not been to visit them, i have not even known of their existence, this gives me the excitement of something new just about every time l go out.

San Josef Bay Park, Pacific Northwest Parks
San Josef Bay Park, Photo By Bud Logan

We will keep going out to new parks, adding them as we go. Its a great way to spend our time. So what are you waiting for, grab your boots and your camera and start taking in the coastal  parks, you will find as you go searching that your health increases and you will definitely feel better.

Some of my most fond memories are of hiking up in the high country parks with a group of guys that l grew up with. We all enjoyed the same things, we all enjoyed getting out into the wilderness. We would hike for days through swamp and brush to get to hidden lakes or mountain trails. I remember both the soreness from carrying heavy loads to the exhilaration on first sight of our destination.

Strathcona Park, Pacific Northwest Parks
Strathcona Park, Photo By Bud Logan

Sometimes we could drive right into the middle of parks and take short hikes into some incredible places. This is what’s so great about parks, besides of coarse the whole protection component of parks. Parks can allow the less able to get out and enjoy the wonders of the coast, there are many trails in our parks that are even wheelchair accessible and this is wonderful.

Many of our elders are now unable to do hikes like they could when they were younger, although l have hiked along side some that could put a 25 yr to shame. These shorter and mostly level trails still allow them to get out and taste the fresh air, feel the forest winds gentle blow across their faces and feed their souls with peace.

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