Little Qualicum Falls Park

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Parks, Pacific Northwest

Little Qualicum Falls Park, Pacific Northwest Parks
Little Qualicum Falls Park, Photo By Bud Logan

One of my favorite places to visit on Vancouver Island is the Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park, I lived in Coombs for a year back in the early 80s and was a regular visitor to this park.

Little Qualicum Falls Park has a series of beautiful waterfalls that tumble down a rocky canyon in a misty forest, this is a mythical place of beauty and wildness all surrounded by mountain peaks, a sight of wonder awaits you here. This is truly one of the most beautiful parks on central Vancouver Island.

The falls are pretty awesome,but that is just part of the draw, there is great swimming at Cameron lake just up the road, and just past the lake is the huge old growth forest at Cathedral grove, another wonder of the island. Hiking on the shaded riverside trails or having a picnic at the facilities are also a big draw.

Little Qualicum Falls Park, Pacific Northwest Parks
Little Qualicum Falls Park, Photo By Bud Logan

It all makes the park a very popular family recreation destination. A number of walking trails are available in and around the park, offering photo worthy views of the river and providing access to the upper and lower falls.

There is no camping at Cameron Lake, but it is an ideal spot for swimming, kayaking/canoeing and fishing, as well as sail boarding, due to a wind funnel created by the surrounding mountains. The Cameron Lake and Beaufort day-use areas are located 10 minutes west of the campground on Highway 4. Camping is available at the Little Qualicum Falls Park with 96 campsites available, 66 are up for reserve camping, 33 are first come first serve sites. All in all this is one of Vancouver Islands premiere parks.

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