Quinsam River Trail

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Quinsam River trail, Pacific Northwest Trails
Quinsam River, Photo By Robert Logan

The Quinsam River Trail head, is located at the Quinsam Campgrounds Park, to reach the park, take Hwy 28 from Campbell River until you reach the Quinsam River bridge, you will find parking on the side of the road just opposite from the campground.

The trail runs through the campgrounds and continues up along the Quinsam River to the Argonaut road. Here you will find another parking lot and the trail continues up until you reach the Quinsam River Hatchery.

The quinsam river trail goes further up but becomes quite rough, real fast and l would recommend turning around at the hatchery and heading back to the campground. The trail runs through some very nice areas full of huge trees, the plant life is very diverse and the birds are abundant.

Quinsam River trail, Pacific Northwest Trails
Quinsam River In The Fall, Photo By Robert Logan

The river is quite pretty and very scenic. During the fall salmon spawn, the river becomes choked with returning salmon and you could very easily see black bears and eagles here.

The trail ties in with the canyon view trail, so you could walk from the hatchery to Elk Falls and back without leaving the forest except to cross Hwy 28. This would be a full days hike return and would take you through deep forests of huge trees along rivers and canyons leading right up to the suspension bridge at Elk Falls. You could easily see everything from Bears to Dragonflies and all the creatures in between.

Quinsam River trail, Pacific Northwest Trails
Quinsam River Black Bear, Photo By Bud Logan

You can take a side trail to the beaver ponds from the Quinsam River campsite that takes you past some wonderful ponds filled with birds, frogs, fish and all sorts of other wildlife. I hike in here all the time and never get tired of seeing it all. You should bring your camera and a lunch and be prepared for some incredible wonders.

You can camp at this river at the Quinsam River Campsite where there are sites ready for you and your family, come, relax and take a nice walk along a great little river.

Update: there are several bridges out and the trails are closed from the campground to the bridge on the Argonaut rd and from there up to the hatchery. Will keep you posted on this.

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