Forbidden Plateau Trail

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Trails, Pacific Northwest

Forbidden Plateau Trail, Vancouver Island, BC
Forbidden Plateau Trail, Pacific Northwest Trails

Looking at the map of Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, you will notice a odd shape jutting out on the eastern side, this is Forbidden Plateau, The Forbidden Plateau Trail is easily hiked, incredible beautiful and an awe inspiriting alpine plateau of open meadows and lush forest studded with lakes and ponds surrounded by high mountains.

The area’s name creates curiosity in visitors and locals alike.

The story that created the name goes like this, before the arrival of Europeans, the first peoples would send their women and children up there when the northern tribes would be on a slave raid. On one occasion, after the raiders had left, the men returned to the plateau to retrieve their families, only to find that they had disappeared without trace and were never seen again. There was only a red stain on the snow. Thereafter the area became a place of evil spirits and it was forbidden to go there.

Forbidden Plateau Trail, Pacific Northwest Trails
Forbidden Plateau, Photo By Bud Logan

Now we know it as a very beautiful place full of wondrous lakes and gentle streams that wander through flower filled meadows surrounded by sub alpine forests. The mountains that frame the lakes create a background to one of the prettiest places on earth.

Hiking on the plateau is a great experience and its suitable for hikers of all abilities, there is a long boardwalk that surrounds the paradise meadows that is wheel chair accessible and then many more trails that head out off from here.

There are many animals and birds here for the photographer and if you like whisky jack birds, then this is the spot for you. We always bring trail mix and pepperoni for them and they like it. There is nothing like having numerous birds sitting on you all waiting for their share.

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