Cellar Spider

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Spiders, Pacific Northwest

Cellar Spider, Spiders, BC Coast
Cellar Spider, Photo Copyright By Sean McCann

These spiders have very long legs. They are members of the Pholcidae family, and can be found throughout the Island, living in our houses and buildings.

They make their messy webs in the corners of walls or ceilings. They are often found in basements or cellars, hence their common name – cellar spiders. When they are disturbed or under a threat of attack, they start vibrating in their webs violently, to scare off & discourage their enemies. They are therefore also known by another common name – vibrating spiders.

The male spider has large palps in front of its cephalothorax. It is often said that the venom of this spider is one of the most poisonous, but since the fangs of these spiders are too small to penetrate skin, they aren’t considered a dangerous spider. This reference to venom and fangs is false…. This spider, in fact, has no venom glands or fangs, but instead, has chelicerae.

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