Blue Grouse Lake

Blue Grouse Lake, Vancouver Island, BC
Blue Grouse Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Blue Grouse lake is a small but very pretty lake located in the oyster river watershed, the area is a great place to camp and fish, camping is in an unimproved campsite. It’s pretty rustic here, but it’s also very beautiful, there is a dock and a few trails to other spots for fishing. You can hook into some nice size cutthroats here along with a few rainbows and dolly varden.

The road is now in pretty good condition and most cars can reach it, in the wet season, the roads can get a bit muddy though.

Watch for other vehicles as you drive these back roads, they can be pretty narrow, and it can sometimes be difficult to pass another car or truck.

Blue Grouse Lake, Vancouver Island, BC
Blue Grouse Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

There is lots of wildlife in the area, and you could see black bears, elk, deer, cougars, wolves, and many other types of smaller animals, the birdlife here is incredible, and you can see both songbirds and the raptures that hunt them, you could see several types of grouse here as well.

There seems to be a large population of red-tailed hawks in this area, and it seems we always see at least one. These are pretty awesome birds and for some reason, you are able to get fairly close to them.

This is one of those little lakes that could be overlooked, but then you would miss out on some good fishing. It’s not a very big lake, but there’s fish to be caught. There are quite a few different types of salamanders here and lots of rough-skinned newts. Awesome to see them but remember, they are quite poisonous, so if you handle one, make sure you wash your hands well after.

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