Elk Beaver Lake

Elk & Beaver Lakes
Elk & Beaver Lakes, Photo By Bud Logan

Elk Beaver Lake are found alongside the pat bay highway north of Victoria. There are a variety of access points to these lakes. A wide channel joins the lakes together, with beaver lake being the southernmost lake. There is a fishing wharf along with several boat launches on the lake.

These lakes are quite unique for Vancouver Island because there are smallmouth bass, big-mouth bass, freshwater perch, and both cutthroat and rainbow trout which are stocked heavily annually. The low elevation of these lakes offer an early start to the fishing season and I would think you could fish them year-round.

Elk & Beaver Lakes
Elk & Beaver Lakes, Photo By Bud Logan

There is an awesome trail system around the lakes that is part of the regional park that encompasses the lakes. As you walk along the trails here, look for birds as you will see a huge variety of them here, this is a favorite birders park.

My son Forrest and l were looking for ducks to photograph here one day, as we went along, l noticed a large group of ducks out on the lake. So as not to disturb them, l was down low stalking up on them. I finally reached a shoreline tree that l could use for cover. I slipped up behind this tree and started taking photos, the ducks were not far away, but it was almost like they had not seen me sneak up. I was feeling pretty good about my abilities to get close.

After taking lots of photos, I headed back to our car where Forrest was waiting, he had watched the whole stalking thing. I put on my good glasses when I got back to the car so l could check out the photos. There was something quite wrong with these photos, looking at them, l noticed a cobweb that ran from the beak to the chest on one of them, then on a closer look, l realized that they were decoys and l had spent the better part of 1/2 an hour getting close to them. Wonder how many people saw my performance at the Elk, Beaver lake on that day.

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