Comox, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Comox, Photo By Bud Logan

Comox is a beautiful little community of around 13,000 people. It is located on the Comox Peninsula on the eastern shores of Vancouver Island. Abundant food sources, mild winters, protected shorelines, fertile soil, and warm summers drew the Comox first people here many thousands of years ago.

Although the area was visited by both Sir Francis Drake in 1579 and Captain James Cook in 1778, the area was not opened to settlers until the 19th century, they first began arriving in 1862. First to arrive were the loggers, soon followed by farmers and fishermen.

It would remain small for another 50 yrs as the only way to the village was by ship. Roads and a railway were constructed during the ww1 yrs and the airbase was added. With logging going full steam, fishing and its onshore facilities along with the new airbase brought prosperity to the town and was a driving force in bringing new settlers. Many that came were looking to work in the new mines opening up in Cumberland.

The mines are closed now, logging is not driving the economy now and Comox is now a popular tourist destination. There are awesome skiing and hiking adventures waiting up on Mount Washington, The fishing, both salt, and freshwater, is incredible, you can golf year-round and ocean kayaking is gaining a dedicated following by both locals and those who travel here for this.

Comox, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Comox, Photo By Bud Logan

The town is a very beautiful little place, filled with great shops, awesome restaurants, museums, colorful art installations, hiking trails, and wonderful parks, the filberg heritage lodge, and park with its trails and gardens is a must-see when you visit. I have always enjoyed walking here.

Along the main street there are some pretty cool pieces of art on display, these are boats, and they show the fishing history of the town, this yr, 2016, at the Comox harbor. A minke whale visited and could be seen slowly swimming in amongst the boats tied up to the wharf, this was quite the surprise to those who were on their boats.

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Filberg Lodge Park

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