Little Espinosa Inlet

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Little Espinosa Inlet
Little Espinosa Inlet, Photo By Bud Logan

Little Espinosa Inlet is one of those magical places, l first saw it in 1971 when l was first employed as a logger here, the first time l drove over the bridge heading out to fair harbor, the tides were dropping and there was quite a flow, looked like a river to me. Later that day on the return back to camp, the tide was coming in and the flow was back into little Espinosa inlet. Took me a second to realize this was all ocean and not a river. I can tell you one thing, it’s a beautiful spot to see. I took my wife there last summer and she were stunned by its beauty.

There are opportunities for kayaking in this inlet, but because of the high winds and rough coastline, it is a good idea to have some experienced paddlers in your group. Little Espinosa Inlet on Vancouver Island is the best put in point for kayakers.

Kayakers wishing to explore this remote region can also book passage for themselves and their kayak aboard the MV Uchuck lll, it departs from Gold River. They have several areas where they will offload your kayak and gear so you can head out on a great adventure and then pick you up at one of these spots when you are ready.

Little Espinosa Inlet, BC Coastal Region
Little Espinosa Inlet Outflow, Photo By Bud Logan

There is great saltwater fishing in the inlet, salmon, cod, and halibut can all be found here. There is plenty of shellfish including prawns and crabs and eating fresh seafood as you camp along our rugged coast is an awesome experience.

The wildlife viewing here is incredible and there is a good chance to see black bears on the beach, deer, elk and many other smaller animals like mink and martins. There is also a great chance to view seals, sea lions and whales and always there are the otters, many otters, they are such a joy to watch. For the birders, there is plenty to see, birds like puffins and eagles along with many types of shorebirds, so take a trip here and don’t forget to bring your camera.

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