Scott Cove

Gilford Island
Scott Cove, Gilford Island, Photo By Bud Logan

Scott Cove is one of those places where you seem to step back in time, it’s full of float houses, boats, and happy people. It’s a small place, only a few families there now but the cove has a logging camp that will help keep it alive.

Scott Cove is located on Gilford Island, a short distance from echo bay, there was a marina and school at echo where you could get a few groceries, and kids from Scott cove could boat to school.

I worked up here on Gilford island 30 yrs ago, l was a cook in a camp that was reached by road from Scott Cove, it was a good 30 km from the cove. There was at the time a camp bar in the Cove, so we would all head down after dinner for a few bears and a good amount of chat with those who lived at the cove.

Scott Cove, Gilford Island
Scott Cove, Gilford Island, Photo By Bud Logan

It was an adventure, living here on the island. I remember when one of my freezers packed it in and l needed to replace it pronto before all my meat thawed out. I went down to the cove and found a freezer on the other side of the bay that l could purchase but in order to get it, l would need to use a boat to get it to the dock. A young fella came along who was willing to help, he had a 15-foot Boston wailer. The freezer was quite a bit longer than the boat was wide. We maneuvered it onto the wailer and positioned it to sit across the boat. It was heavy, and the boat had only about an inch of freeboard.

The trip across the cove was quite the ride, as we approached the wharf, l could see my guys waiting with anticipation, hoping we could complete the trip without sinking. We did make it, the boys packed the freezer up to the truck and our meat was saved.

 My wife and l had just been married, and she was there by my side living the outdoor life, we had many adventures here, was a good time.

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  1. My husband at the time,Bob Karmazynski and My father Jerry Aten were both Mechanics along with a fellow mechanic Henry Gareau.
    We lived in the married Quarters in 1979-1984. My little brother attended school at Echo Bay and i also worked at the store and Post Office there.
    In 1980, i worked as a bullcook, with Lois and Don, for Domco catering.
    Superintendent Jock McKenzie one of the nices families to know, Works Forman- John Braaten.
    On the main level of camp we had a new A-Frame building, rec centre and cookhouse.
    Lots of events in the Rec centre, fun by all.
    Laurinda Rich(Karmazynski)

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