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Siberian Lettuce, Vancouver Island, BC
Siberian Lettuce, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By BUd Logan

This native of the Pacific Northwest grows all over the BC coast. It’s a pretty little plant that has dainty white to pink flowers on multiple stems. The flowers are present from February to September.

It is also often called candy flower, as it’s five white to pink petals are quite often lined with deep pink and look like little candies. These petals can vary in size from 0.5cm to 2 cm in length. Siberian lettuce is a native plant, it likes growing in shaded forest conditions and may be found in bloom from early spring to late summer.

This plant grows from a slender taproot or rhizome and likes to grow on stream banks, in the shade, where it’s moist.

It can be found from Alaska south to California, in southern British Columbia and all of Vancouver Island.

Siberian lettuce has been used as a food plant by first peoples for thousands of years, The miners during the California gold rush in the middle 1800s, ate these plants to prevent scurvy, they learned of the plant from the first peoples.

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