Green Bottle Fly

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Green Bottle Fly, Vancouver Island, BC
Green Bottle Fly, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The green bottle fly is known to feed on animal feces, exposed food, and decomposing plants or animals. Larvae feed on decaying animal flesh and they need rotting meat to complete their development.

These common flies are typically found buzzing around garbage cans and may carry pathogenic bacteria.

Green bottle flies are slightly larger than houseflies. They are brilliant, metallic blue-green in color with black markings, bristle-like hair and three cross grooves on the thorax. The wings of the green bottle fly are clear and are veined in brown, while the legs and antennae are black.

Unlike the blue bottle fly, green bottle flies are less likely to enter homes in pursuit of light.

When a large number of green bottle flies is found inside the home, it is best to check for indoor breeding sites such as trashcans and rotting meat or vegetables.

Green bottle flies may also be breeding in the bodies of dead mice within walls. Eliminating the feeding and breeding sites of these insects should eliminate their population.

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