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Inlets, Pacific Northwest

Zeballos Inlet, Pacific Northwest
Zeballos Inlet, Photo By Bud Logan

The Pacific Northwest has many inlets, some of these like Bute Inlet are very long and windy, Bute inlet has very few places to get out of the wind and you can find yourself fighting your way up, but once you reach the end, you are in some of the best Grizzly bear territory on the coast. There are many deep inlets along the coast, filled with wildlife and adventures.

Vancouver Island has many inlets, some of them are quite large, others, not so big but they are all beautiful. The Alberni Inlet is one of prettiest. It starts at Barkley Sound and slices into the Island, almost cutting it in half. This inlet is the gateway to many outdoor adventures and its a  place best seen from the water. Sailing, boating and kayaking are great ways to do this.

Neroutsos Inlet, Pacific Northwest
Neroutsos Inlet, Photo By Forrest Logan

There are other awesome ones on the island, like Zeballos Inlet, Muchalat Inlet, Tahsis and Tahsish Inlets. Then there is Quatsino Sound that leads into the Holberg, Rupert and Neroutsos Inlets. All of them have adventures just waiting for you to enjoy.

There is so much history from the early days about the towns that are located in the inlets, like Port Alberni, Gold River, Port Alice, Zeballos, Tahsis, Holberg, Winter Harbor and many other small coastal communities, most of these towns relied upon the coastal freighters that traveled up and down the islands waterways. Some still ply the waters and you can take a trip through the islands past on them.

Most of these have recreational adventures for you to enjoy like camping and hiking. So head on out and see what the island has to offer you, it just might be the adventure of a lifetime.

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