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Croteau Lake

Croteau lake is located on Vancouver Island, in Strathcona Park on forbidden plateau. You reach the lake by trail from the Mount Washington ski area and head into Paradise Meadows, there are many lakes here and trails to most of them. We hike up here both summer and winter.

Hiking up here is an incredible experience that can be enjoyed even by the elderly as it is fairly level with well-built trails. I have run into people of all abilities and hiking skills here. The boardwalks make the lower trail sections wheelchair accessible.

Gray Jays
Gray Jays, Photo By Robert Logan

The tiny lake has some nice rainbow trout to catch and a few rustic campsites on the eastern shoreline. This is a pretty lake and a very nice place to camp for a few days. No fires are allowed so bring in a stove for cooking. Camping here is awesome, it’s a bit of a walk into this lake but well worth the hike.

Once here, you can set up camp, and then you can head out on day hikes to most parts of the plateau. There are much harder hikes in the area that can satisfy even the most dedicated hikers, so no matter what your condition, you can enjoy hiking on the plateau.

When you are up here, always take along some treats for the Gray Jays, they are everywhere and will land on you looking for a treat. My boys swear by granola, but I find that pepperoni really gets them going. There is nothing like the feeling of these gentle birds landing all over you well you feed them. It’s done right awesome. I have seen more than 10 land on my boy at one time, looks incredible. We know them as whiskey jacks.

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