White Wave Moth

White Wave Moth, Vancouver Island, BC
White Wave Moth, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The adult White Wave Moth flies from May to August and is fairly common in birch and alder woods. They have a wingspan up to 30 mm.

The wings are shiny white with 3 rows of dotted lines on the forewings and 2 rows on the hind wings. The caterpillars eat birch and alder along with a variety of shrubs. There are 2 generations a year, and it overwinters as a pupa.

The Pacific Northwest has many White Wave Moths. They are quite common in our Alder forests. These moths are quite pretty when you look at them close up.

The white wave is a geometer moth. They are the second-largest family of moths in North America. This family includes many serious agricultural and forest pests. These moths are small to medium in size, with slender bodies and broad wings.

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