Mink, Vancouver Island, BC
Mink, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

The west coast mink is a common sight on the shores of the Pacific Northwest coast. It is mostly seen around water and is an incredible swimmer. It feeds on small aquatic animals – crabs & fish, as well as birds, and small mammals. It is not uncommon, though, to see them kill a much larger animal.

They are small, slim, and sleek. Their coats are a glossy, dark brown, often with a white patch on the throat. Males weigh under 2 kg, females are about half that weight.

Mating occurs in late spring, with the young being born in July. The litters usually contain 4 – 5 babies. Females mature in about a year, and males take about six months longer to reach full maturity.

While you can find mink throughout the length of BC’s coast, there are none on Haida Gwaii. I love watching them scurry about the beach, looking for tidbits of food. They are a beautiful little creature, for sure!

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