Northern Red Currant

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Wild Fruit, Pacific Northwest

Northern Red Currant, Pacific Northwest
Northern Red Currant, Photo By Bud Logan

The wild Northern Red Currant is a tasty treat indeed. If you’re lucky enough to find a big batch of them, they can be used in any recipes for cultivated berries. If you find only a few, then they make a fine addition to summer puddings or wild fruit salads or just as a trail side treat.

Red currant is a native shrub, forming dense patches and growing up to 2m. Flowers are in hanging clusters, and are yellow green with pinkish purple centers. They are up to 6 mm across  with 5 greenish petals.  Fruits are bright red and edible. Leaves are approximately 6cm across.

The northern red currant grows all over the Pacific Northwest coast at higher elevations, but gets lower as you move up the coast. I always enjoy finding them on a mountain hike, sweet and sour at the same time but quite refreshing. I like to gather them in my hand until I have enough for a mouthful, then eat them all at once.

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