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Bedstraw, Vancouver Island, BC
Bedstraw, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

You can use all parts of this plant, collect for food before fruiting but let grow until seeds are produced if using as a coffee substitute. Cooking improves the medicinal effects of this plant. You can find this plant everywhere but it likes disturbed soils.

Bedstraw is also known as cleavers. It is a very valuable plant, a tonic made from cleavers is great for the lymph system. As a lymphatic tonic, it can be safely used as a lymphatic tonic and it works on a wide range of problems where the lymph system is involved, works especially well on tonsillitis and adenoid trouble.

It is helpful in skin conditions, works well on psoriasis and other skin problems. It is helpful in the treatment of urinary conditions where pain is involved. It also works well in the effective treatment of ulcers and tumors. For lymph issues, combine this herb with herb robert. For psoriasis, combine bedstraw with burdock.

The seeds are a great alternative for coffee, just pick off the seeds, dry them and then place on a cookie sheet, roast in the oven until light brown in color, grind them and then you can use as you would any other coffee.

To make a tonic, use scissors to cut up enough to fill a cup container. Use only leaves and stems, no roots or seeds. Place in a  suitable container that has fine holes or a piece of cheesecloth tied together and suspends in a litre of water. Place in your fridge and let infuse for 8 to 12 hours. Remove the cleavers, sweeten and drink. This is an awesome spring immune system booster.

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