Quadra Island

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Coastal Islands, Pacific Northwest

Located across Passage from Campbell River, Quadra Island is a place that is more relaxed than the bigger centers like Campbell River and the people who live here are kind and friendly. The island is full of artists, photographers, sculptors, writers and craft people who relish their slowed down pace.

Quadra Island has 16 developed hiking trails, varying from short to long, from flat to steep, from ocean side to deep in the rain forest to overlooking panoramic vistas. Thanks to hard working and dedicated volunteers, the trails are maintained and developed every season.

Quadra Island, BC Coast
Quadra Island, Photo By Bud Logan

The places to kayak/canoe are almost endless on Quadra Island, the salt water kayaking is world renowned with hidden bays, deep channels, long inlets and the chance to see so many kinds of sea life like whales, sea lions, seals, otters and a vast variety of birds.

Canoeing on the Village Bay lakes is such a peaceful way to get away and if you go on the lakes during the sockeye salmon spawn, you can see red shadows flowing under your canoe, the first time I saw this came as a big surprise and then I was just enthralled with it.


There are many kinds of wildlife here on the Island including black bears, cougars, river otters, black tail deer, raccoons, squirrels and a variety of flying squirrels that are amazing to watch. There are many types of birds here and great places to go bird watching at.

Quadra Island, BC Coast
Quadra Island, Photo By Bud Logan

There are several parks and private campgrounds on the island that offer camping and lots of places to picnic at. The Rebeca Spit Park is a great place to spend the day at or maybe several days. There are some very nice lodges to stay at like April Point.

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