Courtenay, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Downtown Courtenay, Photo By Bud Logan

Courtenay is located on the eastern shores of central Vancouver Island. Built on land that was occupied by the Comox people for thousands of years. It has a population of around 25000. It is the center of the much bigger Comox Valley. Comox Valley incorporates Courtenay, Comox, and Cumberland, combined, they have a population of more than 65,000. Courtenay is full of small shops, great dining, and wonderful parks and walking trails.  The Comox Valley has many incredible beaches, bays, and parks where you can get outdoors to enjoy the warm summer sun, or perhaps to stand in wonder at the storms that roll in on those wild winter days.

The fishing, both fresh and saltwater is simply amazing and the protected waterways are a great place to put in a kayak and check out the sea life. You could go kayaking in the morning with the rising of the sun, maybe hike a local trail or bike around the community then head up to Mount Washington for some night skiing. There are great eats up on the mountain that could end your day.

The natural world in the surrounding area is pretty awesome, there are trails to take you into a number of waterfalls and lakeshore parks. The swimming in summer is great, and you can find beaches that are not very populated.

Courtenay, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
The Visitor Center, Photo By Bud Logan

Courtenay is a mecca for the arts, there are so many wonderful artists that work out of the area, just enter any of the art galleries, and you will understand what I mean. There is an art museum where you can learn so much about the art history of Courtenay. There are many gift shops that offer up a huge variety of crafts by local artists, check them out. If you are driving to town on the new inland hwy, stop by the visitors center on the connector, it has such beautiful displays that can teach much about what to expect on your visit.

So grab your camera, pack a bag, and head on over to visit this wonder of Vancouver Island. We will be watching for you.

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