Bacon Lake

Bacon Lake, Vancouver Island, BC
Bacon Lake, Photo By Russ Porter

Bacon Lake is located above the north side of Upper Campbell Lake. It’s a great little lake for camping and fishing. You will get some incredible views from the area.

The lake is named after H.N. Bacon, who was a guide for the province’s exploratory survey of Strathcona Park. He was the main player in the creation of Strathcona Park and guided many parties throughout the area in the early years of the park.

This is one of my favorite areas to hunt the elusive pine mushroom. There are more pines here than any other area that l mushroom hunt in. Pines sell for a good price but are even better when they are frying up over an open campfire.

There is an abundance of wildlife at this lake and the birds can be awesome to see. You have a great chance of seeing black bears, wolves, Cougars, and many other smaller animals like pine martins and raccoons, the birdlife here is bloody awesome and any birder would be in their glory hiking around these parts.

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