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Clear Winged Grasshopper

Clear Winged Grasshopper, Vancouver Island, BCThe clear-winged grasshopper usually inhabits meadows at over 2,000 feet in elevation. There is usually one generation a year. After mating in late summer, the females lay eggs in the ground in masses with a gummy coating that hardens and binds them together. The coating protects the eggs from cold during the winter. Read More….



Pallid Winged Grasshopper

Pallid Winged Grasshopper, Vancouver Island, BCThe pallid winged grasshopper is hard to spot when resting, but when disturbed, they take flight with a clicking sound showing their back wings. After landing, the back wings are folded under the front wings and they disappear back into the environment. Read More….



Spur Throated Grasshopper

Spur Throated Grasshopper, Vancouver Island, BCThe Spur Throated Grasshopper is part of the family called the short horns, they are the most common species of all the grasshoppers of the pacific northwest. These grasshoppers can be a brown color with additional colors of green, yellow and orange. Read More….



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