Black Hawthorn Trees

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Deciduous Trees, Pacific Northwest

Black Hawthorn, Deciduous Trees, Trees, Pacific Northwest
Black Hawthorn Trees, Photo By Bud Logan

The Black Hawthorn Tree is a small tree that grows up to 8 m tall, armed sharp thorns up to 2 cm long. The tree bears beautiful white flowers during May and June. The Leaves are oval and are up to 6 cm long, with up to 9 small lobes at the top. The flowers are white, round and grow in clusters. The fruit come in clusters of small, blackish fruits that die quite quickly.

It is found from sea level to mid elevations on all of Vancouver Island, along water courses, ditches and meadow land thickets. Black hawthorns need lots of sunlight to grow to tree size.

The apple like fruit provides food for birds in the winter. The Impenetrable hawthorn thickets are good nesting sites for them as well.

The strong, hard wood makes durable digging sticks and handles for shovels and axes.

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