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Questionable Stropharia

Questionable Stropharia, Vancouver Island, BC
Questionable Stropharia, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

The beautiful Questionable Stropharia, also known as  Stropharia Ambigua is an exquisitely beautiful mushroom to observe, when you see this mushroom growing amongst the moss in a dark forest setting, it can take your breath away. The pale yellow mushroom with the white stem and cottony hanging edge to the cap is an incredible vision to see.

The Questionable Stropharia is one of our forest Stropharia mushrooms found in the Pacific Northwest and is one of the most lovely of mushrooms you will see in our forests. It is a large fungus, with a bright yellow cap that can turn brown as it ages, the edge of the cap usually has a ragged edge made up of a tattered veil.

Questionable Stropharia, Vancouver Island, BC.
Questionable Stropharia, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

Generally considered edible, but I would pass it up as a food product, it has a mediocre flavor. This is one of those mushrooms that are best admired for its beauty, enjoy the sight of them, take photos and leave it in the ground.

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