Bowser, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Bowser, Photo By Bud Logan

Bowser, Vancouver Island was named after William John Bowser, John was the premier of British Columbia from 1915 to 1916. The community was established in 1914, during the construction of the  Nanaimo Railway. The economy of this little community has run on logging and mining for many years, but it is becoming a tourist destination these days. There are many opportunities to get out into the area’s wild places and find great adventures.

You could visit Horne Lake Caves while you are here, these are some of the best caves on the Island. The lake itself is great for camping at one of the parks, or you could put in a canoe or kayak and make your camping spot along its shoreline.

Rosewall Creek Park, Bowser, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Rosewall Creek Park, Photo By Bud Logan

The Rosewall Creek Provincial Park is another great place to visit.  This park is just south of Fanny Bay and north of Bowser. Its trail is wheelchair accessible, it will lead you through a rain forest to a waterfall and picnic area. In the fall, when the maple trees turn color is one of the best times to visit here.

If you like ocean kayaking, then the Bowser area is where you want to be, there are so many places to see. Just put in at deep bay, and you are on your way to an awesome adventure.

Bowser is located on the old island highway, just north of Qualicum Beach in the area known as Lighthouse Country on the east coast of Vancouver Island. This area was named for the two lighthouses that mark its boundaries, one at Qualicum Bay and the other at Deep Bay.

During the 1930s, Bowers’s local hotel was made quite famous by Mike the dog, this pup had been trained by his owners to receive payments from customers and return the change. He was quite the dog.

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Rosewall Creek Falls

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