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Camel Cricket

Camel Cricket, Vancouver Island, BC
Camel Cricket, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Although you might not recognize them as a type of cricket because camel crickets are tan with a humped back and have a body length of up to 4 cm long and unlike house and field crickets, they are wingless, so do not chirp.

They do have long antennae and unusually long powerful back legs giving them an unusual appearance. Camel Crickets are powerful jumpers when disturbed easily frightening anyone who stumbles upon them by accident.

In spite of this, they are quite harmless. Camel crickets are found under logs or stones or in stacks of firewood.

Camel crickets live through the Winter as juveniles or adults and begin to lay eggs in the spring. Nymphs hatch from the eggs a few weeks later. The nymphs look identical to the adults, only smaller.

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