Tahsis, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Tahsis, Photo By Bud Logan

Tahsis is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island,  there is a good gravel road that runs from Gold River to Tahsis now, but when l was a boy, there was no road then and you either flew or took the Uchuck boat into town.

The Uchuck cargo hold had a small opening and when someone wanted to get a car into town, you had to bring it in on the freighter. The only cars that would fit into the hold were these small, three-wheeled cars. The town had about 300 of them, they were quite a sight to see zipping around.

You can go fishing, both fresh and saltwater fishing, or you can go kayaking, caving, mountain climbing or wildlife viewing. It is a wilderness paradise and one of the prettiest places on the island.

Black Bear, Tahsis, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Black Bear, Photo By Bud Logan

Black bears can be seen in the spring, summer, and fall, cougars, wolf, deer, roosevelt elk, weasels, raccoons, and mink can also be found in and around the community. Marine life includes killer whales, the harbor porpoise, the gray whale, the humpback whale, sea otters, sea lions, and harbor seals are all quite common at different times here.

Migratory hummingbirds gather in great numbers in Tahsis, usually from March until late June. According to oral history from the first peoples, the hummingbirds have been doing this for thousands of years. there are many other birds that live or visit the area, enough to satisfy even the most dedicated birder.

Tahsis, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Tahsis, Photo By Bud Logan

Tahsis itself is absolutely beautiful. There are breathtaking mountain views, some of the best caves on the island, and world-class wildlife viewing.

The area offers Climbers and cavers some of Vancouver Island’s best caving, climbing, and bouldering, including the Leiner Bouldering Trail. Two local cave systems are Upana Caves located along the Tree to Sea Drive, just before Bull Lake Summit coming from Gold River, and Coral Cave, located high on the mountainside overlooking the town of Tahsis.

Right beside Tahsis is the Leiner River Estuary Trail with wildlife viewing platforms, this trail is very pretty and is an easy trail. There is also the Leiner River Bouldering Trail

The Tahsis Inlet and the surrounding Rugged Mountains are becoming well known for mountain climbing, hiking, caving, bird watching, and wildlife viewing. You should come out for a visit and don’t forget your camera.

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