Oyster River Estuary

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Estuaries, Pacific Northwest

Oyster River Estuary
Oyster River Estuary, Photo By Bud Logan

The Oyster River Estuary trail is a great place to go for a walk. It has some spectacular, old, tall trees to observe, as you meander along the path to the ocean. At the end of the trail is a wonderful sandy beach. This park is accessed from the old island highway, at the Oyster River crossing.

Where the river meets the ocean just at a bend in the trail, look up at the tops of the old growth fir trees. You will see an incredibly big & active eagle’s nest.

Oyster River Estuary
Oyster River Estuary Trail, Photo By Bud Logan

This little park is a great place to go swimming, have a picnic at one of their tables, go horseback riding, or just enjoy the ocean vistas.

The trails are very easy for walking, and are accessible for all ages & fitness levels. These trails can become quite muddy during the rainy season, but are quite fine during summer. The park’s forest consists of hemlock, cedar, maple, and fir trees.

My wife and l always enjoy hiking in the park. The ocean side is great, and there are wonderful places with tables to enjoy a picnic. Come on down for a walk, and don’t forget your camera!

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