Pacific Forktail Damselfly

Pacific Forktail Damselfly, Vancouver Island, BC
Pacific Forktail Damselfly, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

South Vancouver Island has some pacific forktails, and they have been seen on Quadra Island opposite Campbell River. They are not as common as the western forktails.

The Pacific forktail is a small little damselfly. Only 2.5 cm in length, the male is nonetheless easily recognized by the four tiny blue dots atop the black upper surface of the thorax.

Females have a bewildering array of patterns as they change from immature to old, dark, adults. In all cases, though, the abdomen is rather thin and long.

Beyond the thorax pattern, males are characterized by aqua blue sides to the thorax, black atop the abdomen, and an extensive blue patch on several segments. Note also the green lower half to the eyes and around the face.

Youngsters often have a thorax that is white, tan, pale green, or pale blue, with thin side stripes, but apparently, some can even be orange. All young female pacific forktails, though, have orange spots between the eyes on the back of the head.

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